Siak River Waste Kill Sensitive Fish Species

Jumat, 12 April 2013 - 13:29:40 WIB
PEKANBARU - Industrial and household wastes that pollute the Siak river resulted in 103 species of fish threatened its survival, throughout this decade. In fact, the fish species that are very sensitive to pollution such waste is now extinct.

This was conveyed by Pareng Rengi MSi, environmental practitioners when met in UR Gobah Campus, Jalan Pattimura in Pekanbaru, Friday (04/12/2013). ''The existence of this dangerous Lead, made ​​a number of fish species in the waters of the river Siak become extinct. Content of Lead has increased dramatically throughout the year," he said.

Pareng also explained that the heavy metal pollution in the form of lead being a burden to 1.078 million people living along the Siak river. The impact is potentially lead poisoning. Although the Siak river water quality conditions is not feasible, but until now, local water companies Tirta Siak Pekanbaru, remains an option as a source of water.

Based on the data, said Pareng again, the high lead contained in this Siak river resulted in the death of 1.5 tons of fish and shrimp in June 2004. This case occurs in creeks in District Bangso Tapung, Kampar to the Siak River Bridge II, Pekanbaru. The fish are dying from lack of dissolved oxygen (DO). (Doris / MRNetwork)

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